10 Ways to cool off this summer and also save cost

Summer is the season of vacation and fun, but it’s also when our homes get hotter and more humid. If you live in a hot climate, you know how uncomfortable it is to be inside your home at any time. To help make your summer comfortable, here are ten ways to cool your home off this summer without breaking the bank.

  1. Paint Everything White

This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to cool down your home. Painting everything white is a great way to eliminate excess heat, especially in the summer months. It will also make your home feel brighter and airier, which is always a plus. White paint reflects heat rather than absorbing it and makes you feel cooler because of the cooler temperature of the room.

  1. Close the Blinds

If you live in an area where it’s very hot, closing all of your blinds can help keep you cool during the day as well as at night when it gets dark out. The additional shade will also help keep your room from becoming too hot or humid. Make sure you close all the blinds so they’re not hanging open at any point during the day and night cycle (this includes both the top and bottom blinds). Closing the blinds during the day and opening them up at night creates more of a night-time atmosphere than what would be possible if you opened all of your windows during the day.

You might need to tape or staple them shut if they’re not sticking completely shut on their own (or if they aren’t holding up very well).

  1. Seal Your Windows

Sealing your windows is inexpensive to keep the heat out of your home during the summer months. It’s especially important if you have large windows or multiple stories in your house because it can trap warm air inside and make it feel like a sauna by morning! Sealing your windows can help keep out unwanted heat from entering your home and keep in humidity from outside, which will help your AC unit work more efficiently and save you money this summer!

  1. Use Window Coverings to Keep Out Heat

Windows are the biggest heat exchange points in any home, and if you can keep them closed, you’ll be able to keep heat out of your house. Some window coverings are specifically designed to block the sun and keep heat out of the room. You can also use curtains to help with this, although these won’t be as effective as blinds or shades that completely block the sun.

  1. Put Foil Behind Your Radiators/Air Conditioners

If you have an air conditioner/radiator, you should consider wrapping them with aluminum foil every summer. This will help slow down the rate at which they cool down and thus reduce your energy bill by around 25 percent or so over time if done properly (depending on how hot it is outside). You can also use silver foil since it reflects heat into the room rather than absorbing it like regular foil does (which is why it works better than regular foil).

  1. Unplug Appliances You Don’t Use Much or at All

If you have a freezer or refrigerator that doesn’t get used much during summertime, unplugging it from electricity could help lower your energy bill by up to 50%. You might also consider buying an inverter for these appliances so they can run off solar power instead of electricity.

  1. Move Electronics Away From Vents

The majority of the heat in homes is from air conditioning and heating. Moving electronics away from vents is the best way to cool down your home. This will help reduce the amount of heat produced by electronics, which will also help save on electricity costs.

  1. Put the AC on a Timer, So It Only Runs When You Need It

If your family is home during certain times of day and there is no AC in the home, set up a timer that runs your AC only when you need it (for example, at night). This will reduce energy consumption by running less often than necessary and also save money on electricity costs.

  1. Use Box Fans

Box fans are one of the best ways to cool down your home without spending too much money — especially if they’re high velocity fans like this one from Tornado! They’re made with metal tubes that rotate around a central hub, creating air movement throughout your room. They may be costly, but you’ll save more over time.

  1. Ventilate With Cross-Breeze

The best way to keep cool this summer is by ventilating your home with cross-breeze fans, which create a natural flow of air through your house that keeps it cool. This is especially true when you have windows facing north or east, which often face warmer climates than west or south-facing windows.

Final Word

When summer is in full swing, people get into the habit of leaving their AC on all day. This can be costly, and it also wastes energy. So to save both money and energy, this article has covered ten simple tips that can help you cool down this summer without spending too much money.

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